Sunday, January 16, 2011

How is the internet still working?..


Not sure why I greeted the is the internet still working?...
Anyway, there's three of us. We've been on the run for three days now. A pack of zombies have been after us, but we're safe for a while, got on top of a building and are now sat, guns to the door. Me with my shovel by my side, the others covering me whilst I post this.
I met James two days ago whilst fending off 5 bloodthirsty zombies with my shovel, he turned up and blew what was left of their brains out with his shotgun. Marisa appeared 5 minutes ago, she saw us go into the building and followed us.
I'll be updating this as regularly as possible in attempt to stay sane, sane that is if I still am...This world makes me think I took a bad knock on the head and I'm making this world up from in my imagination.
If anybody can help us please, please, please do. I don't think we can last much longer on tinned tuna and pasta.

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