Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The animals are zombies too

It turns out that monkeys can become infected with the same thing as the adults. We were walking through a zoo yesterday looking for food and as we passed the monkey enclosure we saw an extremely scary looking monkey. It had no nose and one of it's eyes was missing leaving a gaping hole in it's face. I think I saw something moving around in the socket as well. One of its ears had been ripped leaving a nasty looking gash. What seemed to be it's brain was leaking out through a hole in the back of its skull. Marisa was sick all over James' shoe at this point so we decided to make haste after ending the monkey's suffering. What I want to know is if the zombies know what they are doing, if they can feel pain or is it not noticed by them? I suppose we'll never know because I'm doubting if the world will return to it's previous order. I hope it does but none of us think it will any time soon.