Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Endlessly Walking...

We've been on the run for 3 days since my previous post. Only run into 1 group of zombies, but I have a hunch there is a tiny horde behind us - you can hear them howling at the moon like wild dogs.
Marisa is struggling. She keeps having flashbacks. Her parents faces were eaten off right in front of her eyes. She keeps breaking down in the middle of the street and the only way to get her to move is to drag her until she stands up again - that's the only thing that works. To make matters worse our guns are low on munitions and they are what keep us alive basically.
We're trying to get somewhere familiar, but everywhere looks the same, burnt or looted most of the time both. Last night we had to sleep amongst charcoal, I don't think we can get much further. Luckily James is much more hopeful; the driving force in our trio, he is the motivational speaker. Without him I'd be zombie fodder, Marisa too.

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